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We love opportunities for students to perform and share what they are learning at school and at home.  Twice each year we host our HEE EXPO, which is our open house, potluck dinner, and talent show extravaganza!

Hamlin Park Orienteering
Hamlin Park Orienteering

Becky Hamilton's Adventure Club class hosted a fun orienteering meetup at Hamlin Park!  Students learned how to orient their elevation maps to the pathway and trees before going off in groups to locate controls.

HEE Front Building Entrance
HEE Front Building Entrance

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Since Time Immemorial and Native American Heritage Month

The Since Time Immemorial curriculum was developed to provide educators with materials that were endorsed by all 29 federally recognized tribes of Washington State. During this year’s Native American Heritage Month, many classrooms across Shoreline School District are deepening their learning and appreciation for indigenous culture, history, and contributions to our communities. A recent visit to Highland Terrace Elementary School showcased the power that learning about Native Americans can have on our youngest learners, as they learn from the lesson “Stories and Histories of Our Place.”

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